PaintChecker Tube

So light that it can be mounted on any robot arm.

PaintChecker Pen

A mobile, miniature master, ideal for delicate small parts.

Meet Our Experts

From choosing the right system to calibration, we'll answer all your questions.

PaintChecker Gun

The lightweight sensor reaches even tightest places.

PaintChecker Angle

The industrial sensor that can measure around corners.

PaintChecker Cube

Our miniature sensor is the top choice for rough coatings.

PaintChecker Tube-HP

The tiny HP high-power sensor with extra "oomph".

PaintChecker Lab

Ideal for continuous operation in the lab.

Our Reference Standards

The highest degree of accuracy and traceability of a measurement.

Maximum miniaturisation in coating thickness measurement

OptiSense is the world's leading provider of photothermal measuring systems for coating thicknesses on a wide variety of substrates. Our innovative PaintChecker solutions include industrial test systems, mobile measuring devices and numerous related services.

Since the PaintChecker sensors are developed and manufactured in-house – made in Germany –, we can also offer you tailor-made solutions for the most unusual applications.

All good things ...

come in threes. Our OptiSense portfolio proves that the best things usually come in threes. Whether industrial test systems, mobile measurement devices or services, our solutions are guaranteed to get to grips with any measurement task, no matter how demanding.

OptiSense develops a new coating thickness inspection system for the battery cells of BMW Group

For a battery to be competitive, it must be inexpensive to manufacture and above all it must be safe. Together with Sturm Maschinen- & Anlagenbau GmbH in Salching and another integrator, OptiSense developed a system for testing the insulating coating of the battery cells, thus making an important contribution to the safety of the new batteries.

Read more in our latest BMW success story:

21. ITG/GMA Fachtagung Sensoren und Messsysteme 2022

The symposium Sensoren und Messsysteme has become the most important German-speaking scientific event in the field of sensor technology.

The OptiSense presentation Von Schwärmen lernen: Mini-Sensoren zur Schichtdickenmessung im industriellen Umfeld will be held live by Patrick Voos on May 10 at 17:05 in the London room.


Visit us at the SENSOR+TEST live in Nuremberg

Welcome to the Innovation Dialog! - is the motto at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center from May 10 to 12, 2022. SENSOR+TEST will present the entire metrological system competence regarding measurement, test and monitoring - from sensor to data analysis. We will of course be there in Hall 1 Booth 1-131.


Our tube sensor celebrates (into) the first of May

Maypole is the name given to a decorated tree or tree trunk that is erected on the eve of May 1 according to ancient custom. With a maypole of a special kind we bring this old Germanic tradition into modern times: Our Industrial Tube sensor acts as a maypole trunk for the decorated wreaths on this first weekend of May.

Surrounded by flapping ribbons, the Dance into May is apparently a pleasant break from the daily routine of industrial testing for our Tube.

Walpurgis night in Haltern

While the descendants of Walburga in the Harz Mountains are still on the move on traditional brooms on April 30, the witches of Haltern are swinging through the air again this year with powerful propulsion to chase away winter and evil spirits - as the picture tells us.

It shows with a little wink of the eye that the OptiSense sensors are not only used for precise coating thicknesses measurement, but in exceptional cases sometimes serve as flying vehicles for supernatural beings.

In the spirit of Goethe we greet with "Heißa, Walpurgisnacht" all big and small witches, devils as well as ravens - and wish you a relaxing and sunny first of May!

Very positive PaintExpo experience

The OptiSense trade show team was highly satisfied at the end of PaintExpo on April 29, 2022. After a four-year break due to Covid, the world's leading trade show was a big success all along the line. During the four days of the event, exciting new customer contacts were made and concrete project inquiries discussed at the very busy OptiSense booth.

Spring Fever

Sunday it begins - the colorful, sunny Easter season! The entire OptiSense team wishes you a busy Easter bunny and a happy egg hunt.

By the way: Our sensors have exchanged their tiny measuring spots for huge ears for Easter...

American Coating Show ACS | 5th-7th April 2022 | Indianapolis

On Tuesday, the American Coating Show will open its powdered and coated doors: not only well-known exhibitors will be present in Indianapolis (USA), the conference at the same time is also attended by top-class speakers. You can find out about all the new products at the Orontec & OptiSense booth (booth number 2956).

The OptiSense presentation Learning from swarms: Mini sensors for measuring the coating thickness in an industrial environment will be presented live by Jörg Mülleneisen on the first day of the conference at 2:30 p.m. in the Automotive Coatings session.


Battery conference in Münster is a huge success

Patrick Voos, Development Manager of OptiSense, and his teammate Thorsten Merfeld will demonstrate innovative solutions for function-critical coating thickness measurement on battery modules.

On March 30 the certified business economist and mechanical engineer will present the latest research and development results from coating thickness manufacturer OptiSense in his presentation Learning from swarms: mini sensors for measuring the coating thickness of batteries.